Henderson Community Church is gearing up for our second year of our community garden.  Open to all community members, those interested will be assigned a plot to garden.  Our goal is to provide fresh produce for our food pantry, so we ask that each gardener donate a portion of their produce to the church’s food pantry.   We ask that each gardener sign and return a copy of the waiver and release detailed below.  A printable PDF version is available here:  Waiver

Please call the church at 303-659-4748 or Bill Schuman at 303-949-2119

Email: lorenrichmondjr@hendersonchurch.org

We would like to Thank The Deck Superstore, SPS Landscaping , Adams County Community Garden CO-OP, Brighton Shares the Harvest, and other generous individuals for their support.


Henderson Community Gardens Waiver & Release

  1. I voluntarily desire to participate (or allow my child to participate if the volunteer is a minor) in the gardening and other activities sponsored and coordinated by the Henderson Community Church (in association with Adams Community Gardens CO-OP), and understand, accept, and assume the risks associated with my participation (or that of my child if the volunteer is a minor) in any activities associated with the community garden program.


  1. I hereby waive all Claims for my injuries, which may occur to me (or to my child if the volunteer is a minor), and release Henderson Community Church from any claims resulting from or arising out of my presence or the presence of my family members and guests in any participating garden or the activities of the Adams Comm. Gardens CO-OP.


  1. I assume the responsibility (and that of my child if the child is a minor) to treat all other participants in the community garden program in a civil manner which is mutually beneficial to everyone.


  1. I understand that I am responsible for the “gardening” and management of my assigned plot, and will abide by the request to donate a portion of produce grown to the Henderson Community Church food bank.


  1. In the event that an irresolvable dispute arises between gardeners, or between a gardener(s) and the designated garden steering committee of Henderson Community Church, I agree to have members of the Adams Community Gardens CO-OP act as an impartial arbitrator of the dispute, and I agree to abide by their decision as final.


Printed Name of Volunteer                               Signature of Volunteer

Printed Name and Signature of Parent if Volunteer is a Minor (under 18 years of age)

Street Address                                                              City, State,       Zip

Phone Number                     Email                             Emergency Contact Name and Number

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