Our History


115+ years and counting....

Originally started as a Sunday School in the late 1800’s, Henderson Community was just one of a handful of buildings in the area. After serving as the religious cornerstone for local children over more than a decade, Henderson Congregation Church (HCC) was founded in 1904. A community of mostly German emigrants at that time, the church’s earliest services were led exclusively in the German language.

In its infancy, HCC held Sunday services on the second floor of Mark Morris’s General in the absence of a church building. With the help of a grant for the building and donation for the land, a building and bell tower – which still stands today – were erected in 1907 on what is now 120th Avenue in Henderson, Colorado. Over the years the church membership grew, and in 1920 classrooms were added onto the building to serve as a dedicated space for Sunday School.

The church thrived for three more decades, until a tragic fire broke out in 1950, causing damage requiring major repairs to the chapel and other areas inside the building. Finally, in 1960 the church underwent another facelift – major reconstruction to build a new church. On August 14th of that year, ground broke and a new building was constructed around the old church - thus beginning the next chapter of HCC.

In late 1961, the church voted to affiliate with the newly formed United Church of Christ, boosting HCC’s ability to expand its reach in the community through new programs, traditions, and community outreach.

A 115+ year old staple in the community known today as Henderson Community Church (HCC), we are still parked on our little corner on 120th and Oakland – and still ringing our bell every Sunday. Join us on Sunday’s at 10:30 am and include yourself in a little piece of history right here in Henderson, Colorado.