HeadshotHello, I’m Loren Richmond Jr. and I’m the pastor at Henderson Community Church.  I’m excited for the future of the church and I hope you will be a part of that future.  Henderson Community Church is a place of deep roots and abundant promise—and I look forward to working with the church to make that abundant promise a reality while honoring the history of the church and those who have loved and served Henderson.

I won’t bore you with the detailed minutiae about my degrees and letters before and after my name.  But, here are some other things you might like to know  about me. My wife Corinna and I celebrated eleven years of marriage this summer and our young daughter Lexi continues to thrill our souls.  Corinna is a nurse at St. Anthony’s North, working in the cardiac unit—so I hope you never have to see her at work!

I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life, having lived or worked in Littleton, Englewood, Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Commerce City, and Broomfield.  I’ve recently moved to Thornton, ten minutes away from the church. I’m a big sports fan, with the New York Yankees being the team I follow the closest.  I was actually born in New York City and lived there until I was 10, so I have an excuse for being a Yankees fan.

Besides watching sports games, I like to run and read.  I’ve ran a few half View More: http://amylorraynephotography.pass.us/hendersonmarathons and the Colfax marathon a couple years ago—but I just don’t have the time to run that much anymore—so I stay around 20 miles a week. Currently I’m reading Command and Control and recently finished American Manhood.  I am also a high school basketball and lacrosse official—perhaps you’ve seen me at Brighton, Prairie View, or Adams City high school at times I’ve been there officiating games.  Please think twice before you scream at that official! It could be me next time!


As a sports fan, most of my TV watching consists of sports, but I’ve recently finished up the first season of The Americans and am eagerly awaiting the next season of House of Cards.  As for movies, I generally like watching independent films, but my all-time favorites would probably be Minority Report, The Truman Show, and The Majestic. Being that I spend a lot of time in my car driving to different schools, I listen to a lot of radio, though I am a news and sports guy of course; most of the time I’m listening to NPR, though when I’m looking for a change I like tuning into 93.3 KTCL or OpenAir 102.3.

View More: http://amylorraynephotography.pass.us/hendersonAnd last, but certainly not least, I’m very passionate about my faith. I would best describe my faith story as a journey, as I’ve come a long way but I appreciate where I’ve come from.  I am eager to journey along side of you as we seek to follow the way of Jesus. My personal ethos is about doing my best to live out the actions and attitudes Jesus demonstrated and spoke about during his time on earth.  I believe that each one of us, as followers of Jesus and united as a group in church, can make a big difference in our relationships and communities by living out the ways of Jesus.

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