Each Sunday morning we gather together for worship.  Our service tends to have a traditional feel while also incorporating contemporary songs and practices.  Our worship service revolves around three principles; community, tradition, and a still-speaking God.
Building comView More: http://amylorraynephotography.pass.us/hendersonmunity is an essential part of our worship, as we take time each week to join together in community. We take time to share joys and concerns, and we welcome each other to worship through the Passing of Christ’s Peace.
Tradition is important as we we also continue View More: http://amylorraynephotography.pass.us/hendersonthe traditional practices of the faith such as praying the Lord’s prayer together, coming together for Communion, and taking time for Confession and Assurance.   At Henderson, we seek to participate in traditions that connect us to believers around the world and throughout time.
WView More: http://amylorraynephotography.pass.us/hendersone listen to a still-speaking God each week as we hear Scripture reading and consider the spoken word in sermon, seeking to be open to God’s voice speaking to each one.  And we celebrate our still-speaking God by singing to the Lord a new song, incorporating contemporary music into our time of worship.
Our worship seeks to honor the historic faith that has been passed onto us View More: http://amylorraynephotography.pass.us/hendersonthrough the generations while also ever listening to a still-speaking God and the ways that God is being known in the 21st century.  At Henderson we’re about letting the lessons of the past guide us into the future.  We think history matters, traditions matter, and that the words spoken by a man who lived some 2,000 years ago still have meaning for us today.



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