Henderson Community Church is available for Weddings. 

Our Building Usage Agreement for Weddings:

TIME LIMITS:  The use of the church for weddings is for a three hour time period only.  This limitation will be strictly applied.  The church will be open 90 minutes before the wedding and will be closed 90 minutes following the announced time for the wedding.  All pictures and cleaning up must be taken care of within this time period.  If the reception is also being held at the church, the sanctuary and fellowship hall are available for a five hour period, including clean up afterwards.

WEDDING REHEARSAL:  There is no charge for a wedding rehearsal.  However, the church is available for 90 minutes only for a rehearsal.  The church will be open 30 minutes prior to the announced time of the rehearsal and will be closed 60 minutes following the rehearsal.  All decorating of the church must occur within this time period, or during the 90 minutes available prior to the wedding itself.  Our advice is to tell the wedding party to show up 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

 ORGAN, KEYBOARD, AND SOUND SYSTEM:   Guest organists are asked to consult with the Wedding Coordinator or the pastor of the church about proper use of the organ.  Absolutely no one is permitted to use the keyboard or be in the sound booth without permission of the Wedding Coordinator.  Parties are liable for any damages resulting from a violation of the rule.  Only personnel from the Henderson Community Church are authorized to be in the sound booth.


 a)      The church has two brass candelabra’s with seven candles each.  There is no charge for the use of these items.  The couple is responsible for the purchase of dripless candles for their use however.

b)      The wedding party is responsible for an aisle cloth if one is desired.  Usually these are available through the florist.

c)      The sanctuary has 22 pews, each seating approximately 8 people comfortably.  There is a center aisle.

d)     No flash photography is allowed once the minister has begun the ceremony itself.  Flash photos are permitted before the ceremony and recession following the ceremony.

e)      Video photography is permitted.  The Videographer should consult with the minister about an optimum location for the camera.  A roaming videographer is not permitted.

f)       Persons desiring to use the services of another ordained minister for the wedding or funeral should consult first with the pastor of Henderson Community Church for arrangements and approval.

g)      All decorations including tape used on pews must be removed from the sanctuary following the event.


 1.  The fee for use of the sanctuary only is $300.00.

2. The fee for use of the sanctuary and the upstairs Fellowship Hall including the use of the kitchen is $650.00.  A $100.00 cleaning deposit is required, which will be refunded following the event provided that the cleanup afterwards is satisfactory.

3. Additional honorariums.  Separate honorariums should be offered to the officiating minister as well as the organist and sound technician.


Additional Questions or to make Reservations contact our wedding coordinator: Lori Meshefski 303-956-5147

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